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Building Branded Websites that Generate Leads

At FordSolution, we specialize in creating branded websites that not only look great but also generate leads. Since 2017, we have built over 1,000+ websites for clients all over the world. Our team of expert designers and developers are dedicated to ensuring that your website meets all the standard but important points required to generate leads. Unlike other agencies, we don’t just focus on the aesthetics of your website; we also ensure that it’s user-friendly, fast, and optimized for search engines. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our branded website design services.

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Our Benefits

Tranding Design

Stay ahead with trending website design - elevate your online presence and attract more customers.

Fast Design

Quickly launch your online presence with fast website design - optimized for speed and performance.

Design that convert

Convert leads into sales with design that's optimized for conversions - let's boost your business together.


Get lightning-fast load times with our 90% speed optimized website design - maximize user experience and conversions.


Responsive design for all devices - your website will look great and function flawlessly on any screen.

Stock Images

High-quality design with stock images - avoid low resolution and legal issues for a polished look.

Our Designs


Branded Website design prices start at 40K depending on website complexity.

If you are looking for a simple website with 10 pages, the price will be 40K, but if your website has more than 10 pages, the cost will be 50K, meaning 1 to 5 pages will cost you 10K each.

Your payment process is simple. The first hlaf will be 70% and 30% after work is done, and this is not negotiable.

Then, it’s better to find someone else; there are a lot of WordPress developers and designers that can design for less than 40K or much cheaper.

For one page, we will charge only 10K. For a one-page website, we will charge 20K, depending on the complexity of the website.

We always ask for the reference website to get an idea of the website you need. We only take inspiration from the reference website, but we don’t copy it.

You will get only 5 revisions per website, but we will not redesign the website because we always ask the reference first to understand your needs. If your website is according to the reference design standard, then we will not redesign it.

Revisons: Revisons are small tweaks or changes within a website design that we create.

We don’t design websites on your hosting. We use our hosting to design websites. Once we receive full payment, we shift the website to your host, and then we don’t take any revisions once the website is transferred.

We don’t design images in the standard package, but if you need images to be designed, then you need to pay an extra fee. In this standard package, we only use free stock images that are legal to use and have high resolution.

We use Elementor and Elementor Pro to design a website, and they come in free and paid versions.

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